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Top 6 Video Clips Of the Legend: MJ

Video Clips Of the Legend: MJ

Michael Jackson is remembered as one of the most talented artists in music history. There is not even a single artist that has shaped, innovated or defined the medium of music video more than Michael Jackson. The iconic directors behind decades of such fantastic cinematic work can all claim him as a collaborator.

Here below are mentioned top videos of Michael Jackson that came into trend:

  • Thriller was launched in 1983 and became one of the most important moments in musical television since the Beatles rocked Ed Sullivian. Thriller had a spark of Hollywood to it. The video turned out to be a kind of artistic video as it turned a suburban street into horror flick.John Landis was the director of video. Michal Peters was the co-choreographer of video. He helped to make dance sequence which is remembered till date.
  • Bad was directed by Martin Scorsese. He teamed up with Michael Jackson for this 18 min big budget project in 1987. Jackson was paired up with young Wesley Snipes for dramatic confrontation shown in the video.Dance was staged in Brooklyn subway station. Many people were mesmerized by the video and it made public dance in joy.
  • Billie Jean made Jackson a dominant star in 1983. The single was already on top rank but after the clip launched, it broke the network‘s playlist. People burst into applause while shooting on sets because of his incredibly amazing performance, told the director. Its success was beyond imagination and its cultural impact also went beyond the chart of their plans.
  • Scream came in the eyes of people in year 1995by director Mark Romanek, he claimed this video as the most expensive video ever made. The dozen pretty sets were constructed on a very large scale just to make location look like spaceship. Much more money and man power was given for this project because of short period of construction time provided. They were only provided 2 weeks to design, plan and construct whatever they required.
  • Smooth Criminal was the main highlight of the movie, ’Moonwalker’ released in 1988 by the director Colin Chilvers. Director had to lighten the noir classical and Michael Jackson wanted to pay MGM musical tribute by his amazing dance moves. Together they made this project successful by their efforts. This is a very good video of 42 minutes and many special effects were also used in it to attract the audience.
  • Rock With You came into existence in the year 1979. It became very popular in the time when musical videos were known as ‘promos’. Bruce Gowers gave an idea to create a smoky space tunnel in a soundstage for the legend. It was made so that his sequined suit to shine. They also used little bit editing effects.

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