What Type Of Food Items Are Musttry In Delhi?

There are so many things to do in Delhi. The capital is filled with options of the tourist. Whether you want to explore the historical sites or you want to go through spiritual spots; the land caters you everything. Even if you are a foodie then too you would find a rich experience in the realm of Delhi.

Now whether you are in the city for a wedding, a business meeting, for a tour or to meet your friends; you should definitely binge on the food of this land with the help of India food tour. You would feel absolutely pampered by the flavors and varieties of the city. There are many things that you should not miss if you are in Delhi and a few of these things are like:

Delicious Parantha at ParantheWaliGali in Chandni Chowk

If you have never tasted the paranthas of this gali then you cannot say that you have a love for paranthas.  There are so many options in paranthas in this street that your tummy would be full but your craving would linger on. You can find any and every type of paranthas in this space. whether you are looking for the simpler paranthas like allukaparantha, paneer parantha, onion parantha or methi parantha or you are looking for some specific vegetable paranthas like mixed vegetable parantha, capsicum parantha, brinjal parantha and so on; you would get it all. And don’t forget if you love sweets then don’t miss out on rubbery ka parantha. It is really scrumptious and would give you a satisfying experience. Just imagine every bite filled with rabri; ah, it would be a dream come true for sweet and parantha lovers.

Paneer Tikka

You might have eaten different types of paneer tikka in your life but the options and toppings that you find on paneer tikka in the realm of Delhi are amazing. You would be amazed by the flavors, the spices topped on them and the rich ingredients filling the inner side of paneer. You can imagine and experience the creams and rich herbs in the tikka in Delhi. Whether Tandoori paneer tikka or any other type of paneer tikka, you can experience it all at different places in Delhi.

Butter Chicken at MotiMahal

If you have a craving and love for chicken then you cannot miss out on butter chicken at MotiMahal. Ah, the specific ingredients coupled with the mesmerizing flavor; topped with so much of butter; the dish is really heart winning. You would feel absolutely loved and flattered by this butter chicken dish of MotiMahal. Actually you know MotiMahal is absolutely popular for its delicious and finger-licking Indian dishes, but their butter chicken is out of the world and is a must-try for sure. You taste it and you would feel in the middle of heaven.


Thus, take up a secret Indian food tour and ensure that you taste all the amazing food items of Delhi.  You would definitely love the distinct items and their even more distinct flavors and lusciousness.

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