Top 10 Winning Tips for Learning Spanish


So fluency in Spanish is your new goal?

Well, we wish you all the best!

Spanish is the most passionate language in the world.

You will love the journey of learning Spanish, but sometimes, there will be bumps on the road. But don’t let that stop you, after all, there’s no greater joy in achieving your goal without any difficulty.

Are you’re thinking to go traditional by enrolling yourself in a Spanish language institute in Delhi or maybe try some apps or subscribe to some YouTube channels? The most important thing in learning any foreign language is to stay motivated throughout the learning process.

Learning a language is a long process, there are no quick fixes when it comes to becoming fluent in Spanish. But there are tricks and strategies for making sure you’re not wasting any valuable time of yours. Below we’ve compiled Top 10 Winning Tips for Learning Spanish for you so that you don’t get lost on your journey to fluency in Spanish.

Develop an Ear for Spanish

Spanish is not just about remembering alphabets and grammar. It is about how you pronounce each word clearly while conversing in Spanish. Spanish is a very fast language. It is very difficult to speak in the flow unless you are a native speaker.

Start your Spanish learning process by developing an ear, correctly pronounce and spell Spanish sounds. It is a great way, to begin with even before you start memorizing words.

A language is all about oral communication. A written form of language is merely a collection of symbols representing the sounds of the language. A fun and the easy way to do this is to start listening to Spanish music, watching Spanish movies or watching telenovela.

Learn on the Go!

We all have a busy life and it’s difficult to take out the time to study. Let alone to study a foreign language. Fortunately, we all are good at multitasking. Thanks to technology, studying or reading for that matter can be done easily on the go. You can study the Spanish language while traveling or while in the morning walk and simply anytime and anywhere.

Listen to Spanish on earphones and repeat it out loud while jogging. You can also just listen to Spanish podcasts while traveling to your office or going to the market.

Don’t feel shy and articulate the sound that interests you the most. At first, you may sound weird but it is the fastest way to maintain the rhythm we want to continue towards fluency.

Learn the Common Words

Learning a foreign language demands a lot of hard work. Do hard work in learning thousands of new words. There is no other way.

Scared already?

We have a solution for you. You don’t need to know them all of the words. This is practically impossible. You are only required to learn the common words first then move to the technical part. This way you can reach your goal in less than half the time. You’ll be able to converse faster with significantly less effort.

Make Cognates your Friends

You may be surprised to know that you already know some of the Spanish even before you started studying it. This is because many foreign languages share the roots of words. Moreover, some words look or sound alike and have the same meanings. These words are known as cognates. Make these cognates your friends and witness a faster language learning experience.

Make Spanish Learning a fun Experience

Remember when we were kids and used to convert anything we wanted to learn into a song? This is known as mnemonics. You can never forget things if you learn it in this funny yet effective way. Simply repeating a word usually isn’t enough because sometimes our brain requires a little push to remember confusing words.

You can create as many rhythms as you need. There is no compulsion in following a definite or pre-recorded mnemonics that are available on the internet. You will be amazed by the wonderful results of this exercise. Plus this is fun!

Make Flashcards

To fasten your Spanish learning process make flashcards or keep a journal maintained for the new words you learn daily. This exercise will let remember new Spanish words on the go. Because every time you jot down words in a journal or a flashcard your mind remembers that word for a long time. People who keep a note of everything they learn tend to quickly recall vocabulary must faster than others. Many Spanish learning institutes in Delhi are persistent in making a journal and flashcards to practice Spanish speaking.

Look for A Pattern

Adopt a smart way to learn verb tenses. Regular verbs can be differentiated in 3 categories:

  • verbs that end in “ar,”
  • verbs that end in “er,”
  • Verbs that end in “ir.”

The trick is very simple. Locate the patterns found in verbs. This is the most effective way to learn to speak Spanish from the starting of your learning process.

Read, Write and Speak

There are many ways that you can utilize in your learning process. Movies, radio, newspapers, etc. world is full of such mediums through which you can improve your Spanish speaking skills. While these mediums won’t teach you grammar but they can certainly help you in learning to speak Spanish.

The habit of reading, watching and listening leaves a positive effect on your brain. Thus, these three aspects of learning are very important for developing your mind a sense of new structures.

Interact as Much as You Can

Try to interact with people as much as possible. It is the best possible trick to remember what you have learned so far. Speak with your family or neighbor or your friends. You can join chat rooms on the internet where discussions happen in your language. Or you can create a group of your own. Sing along with music in the Spanish language. Also, if you are unable to do these things you can simply talk to yourself in the mirror.

Be Patient

You will have to be patient throughout your Spanish learning journey. It is a long process and demands motivation on your part. If you lose motivation and fail to continue to follow these tips, remember why you have picked Spanish in the first place. There is no turning back now. You never know how surprised you can be after completing your course.

By following these top ten winning tips for learning Spanish you can achieve fluency in no time. For expert guidance in achieving your language goals, you can become a part of the Spanish language institute in Delhi.

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