Show Your Love through some Unique Cakes For that Unique Personality

Every occasion holds a special place in people’s hearts, and so the celebration of that occasion should be extra-special to make that person feel loved. Cakes and birthdays are just never complete without each other, and it has become a ritual all over the world to blow out the candles and cut the cake. A cake is something that everyone is looking for at a birthday party.

You can bake it at home or order birthday cakes online, and amaze the birthday person with a cake specially made for them. Get a cake that defines and suit their personality, and get it customized with details they like.

Some unique cakes to suit the unique people and their personality includes-

Photo Cakes

Cakes make people drool in an instant and if the cake has a personal touch to it, it makes the celebration better. So get a flavorful cake with a photo of a special moment on top to bring an instant smile on his/her face. You can choose a photo that defines your relationship with them and give them a flashback of that moment spent with you, and tell them how lucky you are to have them in life. The photo is fully edible and you can literally eat your special moment.

Some Photo cakes that you can choose are:

>A Heart-shaped photo cake
>A photo cake of your favorite flavor

Designer Cakes/Theme Cakes

Getting a cake for someone takes a lot of thought, in order to make their day memorable. There are certain things that you should always keep in mind while choosing the best cake for them, that are- what flavor they like?, how sweet they like it? any special thing that they have a liking for? (Like a cartoon character/a game/ gym/ or anything like that). Designer cakes are the new way of expressing your love and affection for people in your life and make their birthday celebration grand.

Designer/Theme cakes are cakes made especially on-demand with your design and preference. The extreme details and designs of these are prepared with yummy and thin fondant, so you get to enjoy its beauty and flavor altogether.

Some designer cakes that you can opt for-

>Gym Cake for the gym freak
>Superhero Cake like Superman, Batman, etc.
>Makeup Cake for the Makeup enthusiast
>Cartoon cakes for the kid in them

Tier Cakes

Want to surprise your loved one with a special cake and a party with a lot of people, then go for tier cakes. They are huge in size, appealing in its appearance and amazing in taste like any other designer cakes. You can order birthday tier cakes online and get them customized with the design they will love and amaze them with a special cake and people they love to be with. You can choose the tiers on your cake as well, and some Tier cakes that you may like include-

>One/Two/Three-tiered cake
>Themed Tier Cake (a cartoon, car, gym or any other thing they adore)

Cup Cakes

As the name suggest they are the smallest version of cakes designed to serve a single person. They can be made plain or with icing on the top and sprinkles like a cake. It is the end of the month and you don’t have a budget for a huge surprise? Don’t worry and order a cupcake for them and make them feel loved, because it is the thought that counts and not the size.

Jar Cakes

A Jar Cake is literally a cake in a jar, with creamy layers of cake and flavored icings. It is a portable version of the cake that you can hide and the person would not have even a clue of it. The taste is just exactly amazing like the cakes in a whole range of flavors.

Some of the most loved Jar Cakes of all time are-

>Blueberry Jar Cake
>Dense Chocolate Jar Cake
>Red Velvet Jar Cake

So don’t limit your celebration to the regular cakes like plain chocolate/strawberry/pineapple etc. and order for designer birthday cakes online and get them delivered to you or your loved one’s doorstep in just a few hours with a huge range of options to choose from. You can get these cakes made:

*Increase/Decrease the portion size

You can surprise the birthday person with some other gifts as well like- birthday flowers, personalized gifts (photo puzzle, glowing photo lamp, etc.), chocolates and so much more and make their day special and memorable.

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