Know The Cost of Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney Transplant


The kidney is one of the critical organs of the body, responsible for the excretion of extracellular fluids from the body. If the kidney is not working properly, then the toxins of the body get accumulated in the body itself.

It can lead to severe disorders, making it impossible for the patient to live healthily. In the initial stages of kidney failure, it is possible to get the cure using the dialysis. Each dialysis costs around 60-70 US Dollars.

However, if you do not recover and the condition of your kidney degrades, then the surgeon suggests for kidney transplantation. If both the kidneys of the patient fail and are not working efficiently, then the doctor directly suggests for Kidney Transplantation.

The Total Cost of Kidney Transplant in India is meager. Especially if you compare it to the price of treatment in other countries, you will notice that by undergoing the treatment in India, you save at least 30- 40% of the entire cost of surgery in any other country.

What is the difference in the cost of treatment in India, and other countries delivering successful kidney transplant surgery?

Most of the countries across the world have kidney transplant cost, that is not affordable for middle-income group, and lower-income group. Even if someone has a standard income, it may not be possible to undertake the kidney transplant surgery immediately.

Let us see what a Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost in one of the top medical service provider nations that is the US. A patient planning to undergo the treatment in the US may get a quote of surgery anywhere between 143,500 to 260,000 dollars.

The cost is a little less in the UK, yet the patient may or may not be able to pay such a high price of surgery. The Kidney Transplant in the UK exclusive of diagnosis and medications cost around 100,000 to 143,550 dollars. You may be able to save 10 to 20 % of the amount you will have to spend in the US.

Now, coming to Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost in India, that is somewhere between USD 13,500 to max 15,000 dollars. Even if you include all the additional expenses of medical tourism to the country, lodging, food, diagnosis, drugs & medication or any other amount you have to spend, you will save 70-80% of the total spent in that of the US.

Final Words:

India receives the maximum number of healthcare travelers every year. It is not only because of the low-cost kidney transplantation but also because the surgeons of the country provides best-in-class treatment.

The only prerequisite of availing the kidney-transplant surgery in India is that you need to have a related donor who is willing to donate you the organ. Also, both the kidneys of the donor must be in a healthy condition. Before performing the surgery, the surgeon performs the diagnosis of both the patient and the donor. If both clarify the tests and are medically fit to undergo surgery, the surgeon begins with the treatment.

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