Difference Between PCOD vs PCOS -Yoga for hormonal Imbalance

In India, about 35% of women including girls have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), also known as polycystic ovary disease (PCOD). Studies show that yoga is very helpful in controlling and preventing these Ovaries symptoms. The difference between PCOD and PCOS both the same treatment for yoga.


PCOD vs PCOS Polycystic means multiple or more ulcers. These cysts are underdeveloped follicles in the ovaries. The term “syndrome” simply refers to a set of symptoms such as irregularity or absence of duration, infertility, hypertension, obesity, depression, sleep apnea, insulin resistance. And imbalance of other hormones. It is uncommon for two women to have similar symptoms. Increased weight and insulin resistance can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Although the causes of PCOD are unknown, heredity and sedentary lifestyles may contribute factors.

Yoga Treatment:

Yoga helps to lose weight and correct the digestive system. It cures constipation and helps in better absorption of food. While practicing yoga, avoid eating processed foods. Fat intake should ideally be from unsaturated fat. Unhealthy foods such as chips, cookies, baked goods, breakfast cereals, and sweets are filled with trans fats or hydrogenated oils that increase LDL, bad cholesterol, and lower protective HDL. Apart from fruits, high fiber vegetables, and whole grains, a sattvic yogic diet is recommended. Consumption of omega-3s in nuts, flaxseed, and soy products is useful for controlling insulin and blood pressure.

Practice Asanas:

Yoga like Mahamudra stimulates the thyroid gland which regulates metabolism. Sarvangasana or shoulder posture corrects uterine displacement, menstrual and urinary disorders. The pose related to Buddha Konasana or Angle strengthens the bladder and uterus. 

The pituitary and pineal glands are stimulated and toned by Mariana (fish laying). Manjarsana or cat promotes the female reproductive system. Kapalbhati (purifying breath) activates the pancreas that produces insulin. Yoga has been found to reduce fasting blood sugar in people with diabetes. Anulom Vilom Pranayama cures depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders. 

Self-awareness gives a sense of satisfaction as a whole and we accept the way we are. Meditation stabilizes the mind and body and helps a woman to conceive and normalize cortisol levels, which are released in response to stress. Although yoga is a safe activity, it should be done under the guidance of an expert to achieve optimal results in a short time. Very helpful Difference Between PCOD vs PCOS -Yoga for hormonal Imbalance best treatment for Vedas pcod cure full guide health and wellness expert.  

Other benefits of yoga:

Mental and physical well-being for all

Reduced stress/anxiety levels among professionals.

General fitness for housewives and seniors

Better concentration for students

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