Common Challenges in Indian Call Centres

The call center industry has evolved dramatically over the years. New technologies have brought a paradigm shift in the business functions, which is why the BPO industry has turned out to be the most reliable one serving outsourcing services.

India is one of the most ancient countries offering call center outsourcing service, which is why call centers in India have years of experience in BPO outsourcing. With years of practice in outsourcing, India is still not devoid of some call center challenges. Certain disputes still hurdle the path of efficient service of the Indian BPOs.

Several things behind the scene hamper the call centers’ efficiency and some challenges need positive monitoring to bring boosted business results. Providing efficient service is not as rosy as it seems and needs hard work and strengthened goals to end up with augmented customer satisfaction.

Here, we pen down some common challenges faced by the call centers in India and ways to tackle them:-

●       High Attrition

Attrition has always been a major cause of concern for BPOs and it still prevails to be a dispute. Since the call center task is monotonous and demands the agent to satisfy the customer need unless she/he is not satisfied, which sometimes makes the agent frustrated.

When agents have to deal with repetitive phone calls where customers ask similar questions every time, the agent may feel irritated and may wish to switch the job. High attrition causes the BPOs to search for new agents, hire and train them to offer splendid customer support again, which ultimately costs high to the company.

To avoid attrition, call centers need to have a friendly atmosphere for the agents, their preferences need to be a priority, and holidays along with free time during calls is essential.

●       Accent Caused Communication Issues

Call centers in India have agents who communicate in English. However, they do not have fluency in speaking the language. This accent triggered communication dispute causes issues in handling customers efficiently, as the client does not find the business agent reliable when she/he is unable to speak in the same accent.

●       Negative Health Impact

The BPO industry demands 24X7 availability of the agent to the customer, which tends to bring a negative impact on the agents’ health. Sitting for long times and answering repetitive calls can have a negative impact on the agents’ health, which ultimately becomes a challenge for the call center industry.

Working in call centers, the employees complain of hypertension, digestive issues, blurred vision, insomnia, etc. Facing these disorders, workers tend to flee early making it a huge challenge for the BPO Company to tackle attrition.

To reduce this problem causing unproductivity, companies need to have a good health plan for their employees and need to conduct sessions to help agents look after their fitness. When the company has a healthy working environment, employees stay back.

●       High International Competition

Recently, several countries have grown as good customer support providers. This has raised high competition in the market as the advancement in technology and new technical tools have given huge preference to competitors.

To combat this rivalry, Indian BPOs need to hire professionals that know about new technologies and have an interest in introducing new opportunities for boosted business productivity.

●       Declining FCR Rate

First Call Resolution is the main measuring parameter of customer satisfaction and its declining rate is a huge cause of concern for the BPO industry. Call centres in India need to keep a check on uplifting FCR rate so that boosted customer satisfaction brings strengthened business brand image.

The customers’ wish to have their grievances heard instantly without any delay and when at high call volume times, first call resolution is hard, the customers’ lose faith in the business service.

To avoid such a situation, new technologies help in maintaining FCR rates and all BPO companies need to make sure to keep a check on maintaining it.

●       High Property Costs

Earlier when the property rate was not too high, it was easy to establish a company. Nevertheless, today it is a huge challenge to have a property for business offerings.

Commercial land rates are high and even the rent rates are too costly, which makes hard to establish ones’ own business. Huge capital investment is not every start-ups’ cup of tea, which is why establishing a call center is tough.

●       Preference for a Single Language

Several Indian call centers offer services only in the English language, as their agents’ are unable to deal with German, Spanish, and Japanese clients. This differentiating factor is a challenge for the industry as numerous clients from other international countries are unable to become business customers’ due to lack of language preference.

To avoid it, companies need to hire agents who are fluent in English along with German, Spanish, etc.

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