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In the twin fields of GMAT prep and MBA admissions consulting, there are so many firms that it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chafe. However, easily one of the most reliable and stalwart firms that you will ever find is Experts’ Global. Since its founding in 2008, the firm has worked with students from over 50 countries, its reputation having spread, across the globe.

The Company

Experts’ Global was founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, as an EdTech firm, Experts’ Global’s focus is providing stellar education, through the latest technology. Thousands of students, from all over the world have chosen to work with Experts’ Global, further evidence of the international quality of their offerings. Another great feature of Experts’ Global is its highly skilled and dedicated staff. They take great pride in their work and are very dedicated to maintaining their efficiency.

GMAT Preparation

Experts’ Global’s on-demand GMAT preparation program is one of the finest on the market. It includes 300+ concept videos, 4000+ practice questions, and more. These elements are arranged in a highly methodical structure, that forms an effective and systematic GMAT prep approach. Experts’ Global has taken great care to develop their questions to be as representative of the GMAT, as possible, in terms of the scope of concepts they cover, their complexity and difficulty, style of presentation, etc. Even their testing screen is quite similar to the GMAT’s, same layout, color scheme, and controls, even timers that mimic the GMAT’s time restraints, by turning red when you take too long on a question.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s 15 full-length GMAT mock tests are the crux of its system. These mock tests are incredibly representative of the real thing, they have the same type of questions and screens as the practice exercises and focus on each concept, the same way that the GMAT does. The series also has analytics that analyze the performance on each mock and provides amazing insight into one’s weaknesses and strengths.

Classroom program

Experts’ Global also has a small classroom program, conducted by Mr. Srivastava. According to their students, Experts’ Global’s classroom program is highly effective, with Mr. Srivastava being a perfectly dedicated teacher, with an excellent understanding of the GMAT. Unsurprising, as Mr. Srivastava is a GMAT 99th percentile holder, himself. The program also includes full access to all of Experts’ Global’s online material, as it is the primary study material, for the program.

MBA Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global’s admission consultancy is founded on the idea of providing each applicant with the most complete support, possible. That is why, they have a boutique system, wherein, they only work with a limited number of students, each year. Experts’ Global is very serious about the completeness of their consultancy, they are the only ones who provide “end to end admissions consultancy” Through this approach, Experts’ Global’s applicants have managed to secure admission to every one of the world’s top one-hundred and fifty business schools.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Roughly 50% of all Indians who give the GMAT, apply to ISB. So, in order to better serve their students, Experts’ Global has made it a point to understand ISB’s admissions process, as thoroughly as possible. On average, every year, 90% of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants, secure interview calls, from ISB.

Admission Interview Prep

One of the key things that an MBA aspirant looks for, in a consultant, is good interview preparation, as it is often the opaquest of the admissions processes. That is why, Experts’ Global has prepared a highly robust admission interview training regimen. It begins with 15, highly informative, video lectures on hoe to give an impressive and effective interview. Then there is a questionnaire, of the 30 most common interview questions, to test how well you have absorbed the videos’ information. Finally, there are several rounds of mock interviews, with an experienced mentor, designed specifically to address each applicant’s individual weaknesses.

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