5 Wedding Website Ideas That Nobody Talks About

Wedding website save time, money and effort. While it might seem like an impersonal way of inviting people, there are always things you can do to make it a highly personal and different experience for you and the guests. Here are some wedding website ideas that you could use to make the invitation experience most memorable and personal.

Get a website theme that syncs with your wedding theme – Every bride thinks of a wedding theme around which she plans her clothes, hairstyle, decor and gifts. The wedding website which is ideally your wedding invitation is an integral part of your wedding too. Stick to the theme for this one too, so your guests identify it as your invite and relate to it.

Write your story like a timeline- Its more interesting

A lot of couples write paragraphs and paragraphs of content about the love story. While it’s super sweet, it’s also boring for the guests. Putting your story in a timeline format explaining when you met, when you experienced your first rain together, the proposal, the acceptance, etc. makes it much more personal and relatable for the guests.

Add a gift registry

A wedding website is the best place to put your choices out there. It is the most subtle way to get what you want for your wedding. Some couples shy away from this but its important to note that no matter what, you’ve got to do something about avoiding wedding gifts that wouldn’t be of any use.

Add significance of wedding functions for guests to connect

A bride we know had a lot of functions for her wedding but she wanted all her guests to make sense out of it. So she added a detailed explanation of the wedding functions and turns out her guests loved it and we’re super engrossed in the whole ceremony.

Add all RSVP details correctly

A number here and there. A name missed out. These small mistakes can go a long way in making the invitation incomplete. While most guests in India don’t generally RSVP on time, at least the few who do should be able to get in touch with you.

There are a lot of wedding website platforms that help you create your website for free. Wedding Wishlist is one such platform that stands out in designs and most importantly also provides Indian traditional design.

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